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Learn more about the NCAA requirements around mental health support

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Unaddressed mental health and sports psychology challenges can significantly hinder your performance.

Whether you’re a collegiate athlete, gym member, or fitness enthusiast, ZAMA can design a personalized gameplan to optimize your mental and physical health.

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Our Solution

Self-Guided Modules

CBT/ACT informed modules on mental health, as well as financial literacy, nutrition, and sports psychology

Peer Community

Engage anonymously with peers with similar backgrounds and experiences

Clinical Support

Affiliate members gain access to clinicians trained on athlete pressures and needs

Automate Accountability

Self care exercises and reminders, and programming recommendations based on goals and progress

Local Resources

Connections to relevant local resources, such as outdoor recreation, financial support, and tutoring services


Encrypted data at rest and in transit,
No personal user data sharing

How it

Become a

Access self-guided modules to maximize performance goals and improve mental health.

Join a

Connect anonymously with peers to receive support and insights from those with shared lived experiences.

Improve health
and performance

Identify and address any psychological challenges that might be impacting your performance and fitness goals.

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Community Stories

for Staff

Coaches, trainers, and staff receive an educational course to assist with the better identification and referral of their athletes and members to clinically licensed therapists and psychiatrists.

The training has been developed by sports psychologists and includes relevant topics such as: identifying red flags and signs of mental health disorders, fostering a positive culture, and following emergency response protocols.

Individuals who complete the training receive a completion certificate to attest knowledge of the subject matter for verification purposes.

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