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ZAMA Health serves as the premier behavioral health platform for the athletic community.

ZAMA's sports psychology solution allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to leverage mental health techniques and services to improve performance and physical health outcomes.

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Community Stories

is a lifestyle.

We are focused on developing our best selves through psychotherapy and medical options, fitness and nutrition, social connections, and peer groups.

ZAMA Health is a community of friends and families, artists
and athletes, musicians and executives.

We believe in helping you develop a personal toolkit for overcoming daily obstacles and challenges. Get help today.

Common Questions and Answers

Our Vision

Jane co-founded ZAMA Health after working for 15 years as the Associate Medical Director on both a general psychiatric unit and the only inpatient eating disorder unit in New England.

Our clinical model incorporates behavioral health techniques into workout programs in order to improve program adherence, performance, and health outcomes.

We have also designed an educational framework for trainers, coaches, and medical staff for how to more effectively integrate clinical services in their respective settings.

We partner with top investors, universities, fitness companies, and research institutions to provide you with outstanding care.

Photo of Jane Sullivan

Jane Sullivan,
Chief Clinical Officer

Jane Sullivan has over 25 years of experience working with adults 18+ years of age seeking psychopharmacology for symptoms related to their mood disorders, substance abuse disorders, ADD/ADHD, and eating disorders.